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Understanding the Sizing Information


Actual garment dimensions are given for many products via a 'tape measure' link on many product pages. These supplement the stated 'to fit' sizes in the drop down lists to help ensure the garment is going to fit your child correctly. The 'to fit' size is usually a good place to start, however as children grow at different rates during adolescence, it is not uncommon for compromises to be made, especially when it comes to sleeve length. This is where the garment dimensions come into play. Use the actual measurement to make sure the sleeve length or the leg length of the garment is going to fit and will allow room for growth and comfort. This could result in going up a size or two depending on the garment you are buying.

Measuring Instructions


Measuring chest for 'to fit' measurements

1.   Wrap the measuring tape around the circumference of the chest holding the measuring tape in front.
2.   The tape measure should run across the fullest part of the chest and parallel to the ground.
3.   Relax the shoulders and ensure the measuring tape is close to the body without cutting into the skin.

Measuring for sleeve length

1.    Place your right hand on your right hip, with your elbow bent so that your arm forms a 90-degree angle.
2.    Place the end of the tape measure either at the top of the shoulder or at the base of the neck.
       The start position will vary depending on product for which you are measuring; please consult the relevant garment dimension chart via the product's tape measure link.
3.    Run the measuring tape down the arm, over the elbow and down to the wrist.

Measuring for Trousers, Shorts and Skirts

1.   Determine where you prefer to wear your trousers/skirt.
2.   Hold the measuring tape at the front of your body in line with your preferred waistband.
3.   Wrap the measuring tape around the body so it is parallel with the ground until it meets the start
      of the tape. This will be the actual waist measurement you will need to select when choosing you  
      garment. The tape should be close to the body without cutting into the skin.